Priority Areas

Transform Student Learning

Forward strives to ensure that every student in Arkansas receives the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed and thrive in today’s world. To achieve this reality for all students, we empower schools, districts and communities to work together to design and implement transformative and equitable student learning experiences and opportunities.

We focus on three key areas to drive and sustain progress:

  1. Structures & Resources
  2. Teaching & Learning
  3. School Culture

Build Educator Capacity

Mounting research supports what most in education generally accept now—teaching is the most important factor impacting student learning. Forward focuses on ensuring that school leaders and teachers have the training, support and tools they need to deliver transformative learning experiences to every student.

We work with state-level leaders, universities and program partners on innovative strategies to:

  • source and recruit more high-quality and diverse talent into teaching;
  • more effectively prepare pre-service principals and teachers; and
  • develop and expand the impact of in-service educators

Create Equitable Systems and Policies

Forward works to transform Arkansas’s Pre-K to 12 education system by accelerating equity and progress through its work with state leaders and policymakers to create funding and policy conditions that provide all students with transformative learning experiences.

Forward serves as a resource and informs strategies and policies that enable innovations and align with needs of students, families and educators. We utilize data, research, and what we learn through our work on the ground to influence policy decisions that remove barriers and advance effective, student-centered solutions